A Woman Among Women


A Woman Among Women

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A WOMAN AMONG WOMEN is a play with music that wonders what happens if we raise our daughters to be too confident.

It’s been three years since Cleo’s daughter Jo has gone to jail for a violent felony, and now Jo’s husband Roy has returned to the neighborhood for mysterious reasons. Meanwhile, Tina, Cleo’s childhood friend, is intent on exonerating Jo with the help of her next-door neighbor, Christine, and the neighborhood convenes in Cleo’s backyard to discover the strengths and pitfalls of feminine empowerment.

A response to Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, A Woman Among Women is part of the play-cycle All Long True American Stories, in which Julia May Jonas reimagines canonical American male-experience plays for other people (mostly women). Consisting of five full-length plays responding to All My Sons by Arthur Miller, Long Days' Journey Into Night by Eugene O'Neill, Zoo Story by Edward Albee, American Buffalo by David Mamet and True West by Sam Shepard, conceived with director / producer Sarah Hughes, All Long True American Stories gleefully ignores patriarchal constraints, creating an epic theatrical event that imagines a more inclusive and expansive American canon.

PG-13, relevant to Women, Womyn, Men, Feminists, people who like Arthur Miller, people who hate Arthur Miller, people who like humor and pathos and text that turns into music and back again.

Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 7:30PM

NACL Theatre

110 Highland Lake Rd - Highland Lake, NY 12743

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Nellie Tinder / Julia's work has been called “a sparkling cabinet of wonders” (TimeOut NY), “adroitly conjured” (The New York Times), “compelling, entertaining, insightful” (Culturebot), and “Highbrow / Brilliant” (New York Magazine). About Sarah's work The New Yorker has said "...incredible...had me transfixed, joyful, and grateful. It reminded me, yet again, of what art is for."

Julia May Jonas is the Artistic Director of Nellie Tinder, a collective that combines formal innovation with moral investigation. "We combine text, music and movement to create a unique live experience that rests on intrinsic norms. We are most interested in how the individual comes to impose order on the universe now that faith is not a mandate, but a choice. Nellie Tinder is Art. Appropriate & Instructive." nellietinder.org

Sarah Hughes is a director and producer who’s developed plays, devised works, and immersive installations with a range of artists and companies including Eliza Bent, McFeely Sam Goodman, MJ Kaufman, Sibyl Kempson, Elevator Repair Service, Target Margin Theater, New York Theatre Workshop, and The Bushwick Starr. She co-teaches a Contemporary Theater class at Dartmouth College, was a 2016-17 Civilians R&D Artist and a 2017-18 Clubbed Thumb Directing Fellow, and is a New Georges Affiliated Artist. sarahcameronhughes.com