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I Don’t Want To Interrupt You Guys

I Don’t Want To Interrupt You Guys is a physicalized disruption of the defensive spaces we inhabit when we encounter our most vulnerable selves. Using live media, family histories, and a reverence for the kids we used to be, this piece is an attempt to rekindle what intimacy and empathy can be when misplaced properness is thrown out with the trash. This is a yard sale of memories that we may have altered in the interest of feeling connected to anything at all.

Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 6:00PM

NACL Theatre

110 Highland Lake Rd - Highland Lake, NY 12743


See the show for $12, or pay $32 and stay for a Salon Supper with the artists, catered by Cafe Adella Dori

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This piece was developed with additional support by the 2018 Founder’s Artist-in-Residency Program at the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation and the 2019 Mabou Mines Resident Artists Program.

Leonie Bell is a German-American theater-maker based in Berlin and New York. She creates fake family parties, mass lullabies, pseudo-historical excursions, and other theatrical tantrums that endow the audience with more creative powers and foster a momentary feeling of belonging amongst strangers. Check out LEONIE BELL’S website

Hyung Seok Jeon is a South Korean multi-disciplinary theatre artist and video designer based in NYC. Check out HYUNG SEOK JEON’S website

Marcella Murray is a New York-based playwright, performer, and puppeteer from Augusta, Georgia.