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In this site-specific play-within-a-tour of a city, created by Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, audience members become passengers on a dramatic reunion with Flako’s neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Taxilandia is a front-row, backseat ride on a quest to save the vital tapestry of community in America.

Taxilandia is inspired by Flako’s nine years driving a taxicab in Bushwick and is drawn from his documentations of conversations with passengers, residents, natives, and immigrants. Being a cab driver was a front-row seat to the gentrification happening in the neighborhood. He saw and heard from all sides — from the transient “gentrifier” to the displaced locals. He watched and listened to how locals adapted to the changing landscape, taking on that complicated dance with humanity and personal growth. Seeing college-educated friends walk the neighborhood with more ownership than the ones who killed to survive, Flako understood and witnessed a story that was daily evolving, but not being told.

Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 6:00PM

NACL Theatre

110 Highland Lake Rd - Highland Lake, NY 12743


See the show for $12, or pay $32 and stay for a Salon Supper with the artists, prepared by Cafe Adella Dori with provisions from Willow Wisp Organic Farm.

If you plan to stay for supper, we encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance so you get the discount and so we can prepare an appropriate amount of food to avoid waste.


Purchase tickets online* or at the door on the day of the show for $15 (show only) and $40 (show + supper). *Online sales close at 4pm, day of show; tickets will be available at the door if seats remain.

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"Mr. Jimenez...moves with understated elegance and confidence, and his text exhibits poetic flow and a culturally omnivorous unruliness." — The New York Times

Modesto Flako Jimenez (Flako) is a Dominican-born, Bushwick, Brooklyn-raised artist and educator. Flako founded the Oye Group, a Brooklyn-based company that serves as an incubator for both native and immigrant New York City artists. Oye Group presents an eclectic mix of theater, dance, poetry, music, video installation, and film through festivals and productions. Flako and Oye Group’s work aims to spark dialogue over political and social issues critical to their community’s growth, while providing quality arts education programming that gives the Brooklyn community tools to generate forward-thinking art. In 2014 Flako founded "Shake on the Block" a Shakespeare workshop for teens in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He has taught theater/poetry in NYC Public Schools since 2011.

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