Community Supported Arts

BECOME A CSArts MEMBER this year

Inspired by the extraordinary success of local farm CSA programs (Community Supported Agriculture), NACL has joined the “locavore” movement with our own homegrown product—ART—supported by the community we serve.

The CSArts program follows the model of the farm CSA—a person or family can buy a “share” in NACL at the beginning of the season and, as an invested CSArts member, reap the benefits of local arts produce. Members receive a CSArts Pass, giving FREE access to every event in our upcoming season.



Art feeds the soul. It attracts creative people, increases business and property values, and spawns a domino effect of energy that engages a younger generation. Art and artists are influential in creating sustainable and vibrant communities. And, like any local business that contributes a unique service to the local economy, NACL needs the support of residents both full- and part-time in order to survive. In this case, the slogan “Buy Local” also refers to local art.



The equation of our offering with that of a farm comes from our deep appreciation for, and connection with, FOOD. At many events throughout the season, “farm to theatre” fare will be shared among audience and artists to encourage conversation and community-building.

For people who value creative economies and communities, CSArts is an opportunity to invest in NACL Theatre's innovative art season, enabling the ensemble to operate with fiscal confidence in its mission to help grow a culture of creativity.



By investing upfront in a CSArts share, you help us continue our flexible ticket pricing policy, enabling access for all members of the community. In addition you will receive invitations to members-only parties, events, and NACL work-in-progress showings.

Alternatively, you can take the scenic route and send a check, payable to NACL, INC. Please include your NAME, EMAIL, POSTAL ADDRESS, and PHONE to:

PO Box 33, Highland Lake, NY 12743

Whether you purchase online or by mail, you will receive an email with instructions for how to reserve tickets to any performance in the current season FREE of charge.