We look at education broadly—from acquiring new skills, to broadening knowledge, to learning to listen and live together as a thriving community full of difference. We approach our own work at NACL as a continually renewing quest for understanding—a striving to be better than we were yesterday.

To these ends, we engage in continual training, offer classes for youths, in-school programs for elementary and high school students, master classes & performer training retreats for artists, and workshops for adults—both laypeople and professionals. We also encourage conversation after performance events, and offer our facilities for retreats such as yoga intensives and writers workshops.


Youth classes

NACL has a long history of teaching youth, focusing on creative drama and the experience of making performance come alive in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. Children and teens are encouraged, through a focused exploration of theatre technique and creative application, to find their confidence and creative voice in a positive and professional environment.

NACL Theatre also offers Artist-In-Residence programs tailored for different age levels (K-12). NACL artists work closely with teachers to design inter-disciplinary classroom experiences using creative theatre techniques to engage and aid students in learning their required curriculum material.

 Photo: Jonathan Fox

Photo: Jonathan Fox

street theatre training

NACL has long roots in outdoor spectacle performance. Since 2014 the company has engaged a widening circle of interested community members in learning "the arts of the street". Regular weekly workshops are offered in stiltwalking, juggling, melodrama, and singing. These skills are put to use by a tight corps of adepts who perform vignettes at regional parades, fairs and festivals under the name NACL Streets.


workshops - retreats - master classes

NACL periodically offers workshops, performer training retreats, and special master classes. Past teachers have included Roberta Carreri of Odin Teatret in Denmark, Mario Biagini of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy, Ker Wells of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Jubilith Moore of Theatre Nohgaku in San Francisco, and Flamenco Dancer Leah Maidenbaum of Bethel NY.