Bedi, Marting & Newhard: Assembled Identity

  • NACL Theatre 110 Highland Lake Road Highland Lake, NY, 12743 United States



What makes a human authentic? Is it their genome sequence? Their DNA profile? Their life experience?

Exploring ethnic ambiguity, race and identity, this duet uses original and found text, live cinematography, and contemporary music to explore the science of identity, including genomics, genetics, eugenics, and cloning, all of which impact our culture. Given our current climate of xenophobia and persisting institutionalized racism, shedding light on the momentum behind these sciences and political interests will raise awareness on what may well be a sleeping giant in our midst.

Told by women of color who do not fit into the confines in which mainstream society tries to box them, ASSEMBLED IDENTITY unpacks the process of categorizing and the resulting discomfort that arises from perceived differences.

Photo by Paula Court

A sleekly designed immersive show.
— The New York Times, on IDIOT directed by Marting, and featuring Bedi