Deep Space Performance Residency

We are humbled by this place, and by the creativity that has been infused into us. By living and working together around the clock, we’ve learned a lot about what our show is and we are excited to share our work with you and continue growing the piece.
— Christopher Loar, New York Neo-Futurists, The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Vol. 2

The deep space program

NACL Theatre is proud to offer Deep Space, a performance residency program for artists and groups who make devised, original, or ensemble performance. NACL will support artists who need extended time in the theatre for projects in an advanced staged of development, to incorporate production elements, execute technical rehearsals, and/or refine artistic choices. The program is designed for productions already well-underway and will culminate in a public work-in-progress performance which will be part of the NACL presenting season (typically May-October). Companies must work with their own technicians, designers and full artistic core.

DEEP SPACE provides artists with exclusive use of the NACL theatre and artist residence for one week. At the end of the week NACL will produce and present the performance as part of its presenting season. NACL provides limited technical assistance as well as all front of house staffing. Artists receive a stipend to support their work.

It was such an unbelievably positive experience for all of us. Words cannot convey how grateful I am. Having that time in the theater and in your beautiful house allowed us to take the show to a place I am not sure it would have gotten otherwise.
— Robin Frohardt, The Pigeoning
Frohardt and company have been finessing their piece for years, and the result is something extraordinarily integrated, burnished to a high gloss.
— Time Out New York


Kareem Lucas; The Drunkard’s Wife (Normandy Sherwood, Craig Flanagin); Sean Donovan; Vagabond Inventions (Jennifer Sargent); Nellie Tinder (Julia May Jonas, Sarah Hughes); LAVA; Bread Arts Collective; Purva Bedi, Kristin Marting, & Mariana Newhard; William Burke & Alaina Ferris; Itai Erdal, Dima Alansari, & Ker Wells; Minor Theater (Julia Jarcho, Ben Williams); Theatre Nohgaku; A Host of People; Title:Point; Kristin Marting & Robert Lyons; MB Adaptors; The Assembly; Scott Adkins; Kevin Augustine's Lone Wolf Tribe; Pontine Theatre; Superhero Clubhouse; Orange Theatre; Sprat Theatre; Groundswell Theatre Co. (Jenn Kidwell, Scott R. Sheppard); Liberty Free Theatre; Gold No Trade; DDT; Robin Frohardt; Eliza Bent & Dave Malloy; New York Neo-Futurists; Holly Holsinger, Chris Seibert, & Raymond Bobgan; Theater Mitu; Human Lard Dog & The Band of Shy; Sojourn Theatre & The TEAM; Goat in the Road Productions; Kristen Kosmas; Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant; Emily Mendelsohn, Jeff Becker, & Eric Ehn; Nightjar Apothecary (Brett Keyser); Rosaruby Kagan; Bob Wiseman; Mimi McGurl; Einy Aring/Eye Knee Coordination; Performers Exchange Project; Dance Box Theater

...paranoia, visceral anxiety and the feeling that something bad is about to happen at any second overwhelm the more rational faculties. All those Aristotelian principles of the drama you were taught to honor in English class go into eclipse, and such logic as you’re able to hold on to comes straight from your endangered guts.
— The New York Times on Minor Theater's The Terrifying
Physical-theater artists who wrote this daring show for themselves to perform, Ms. Kidwell and Mr. Sheppard are accustomed to making work that’s rooted in the body. “Underground Railroad Game” is more text-based than they’re used to, yet it’s rooted in the body, too — the black body and the white body, female and male, locked in a poisoned dynamic of scarring damage and enormous pain.
— The New York Times: The 25 Best American Plays Since 'Angels in America' - No. 21 - The Underground Railroad Game by Lightning Rod Special (Groundswell Theater Co.)
The success of the show in New York—due in no small part to our workshop at NACL—has garnered some touring opportunities for us.
— Paul Willis, director of Kristen Kosmas' There There
I can’t think of a better way to start the theatergoing year than with this language-drenched, resonant knockout...
— The New York Times on Kristen Kosmas' There There

Pictured: 2017 Deep Space artists Mariana Newhard and Purva Bedi in Assembled Identity, Directed by Kristin Marting; Photo by Paula Court