Apply for a Deep Space Performance Residency

We accept applications for Deep Space starting in October for the upcoming presenting season (June-September). Application deadline is December 1. Applicants will be notified of decisions by email in late January.

Deep Space is a performance residency program for artists and groups who make devised, original, or ensemble performance. NACL will support artists who need extended time in the theatre for projects in an advanced stage of development, to incorporate production elements, execute technical rehearsals, and/or refine artistic choices. Companies must work with their own technicians, designers and full artistic core.

DEEP SPACE provides artists with exclusive use of the NACL theatre and artist residence for one week. At the end of the week NACL will produce and present the performance as part of its presenting season. NACL provides limited technical assistance as well as all front of house staffing. Artists will receive a stipend to support their work.


TO APPLY, Please complete the form below

NOTE: Do not use this form to apply outside the October-December Application Period. If you have questions regarding the Deep Space program, please CONTACT us.

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